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  • To use Bash!Karaoke in BUC mode, install firts BUC

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Bazaar (Recommended)

This is the best way to install Bash!Karaoke; some users experienced some issues with the tarball, so we decided to use Bazaar as the main way to get it, because it allows a fast update in case of bugs. Moreover with the Baazar branch you can try the future version of Bash!Karaoke GTK, which is located in bashkaraoke-gtk/src/ ; this version doesn't work yet, and it'll be the version 6.0.0.

To install Bash!Karaoke, open your favourite terminal emulator (if you use Ubuntu it's “Terminal”, but if you use Kubuntu it is “Konsole”), then paste one by one the following commands. You can also put them all in brackets and run them all at once, speeding up the operation.

sudo apt-get install bzr
cd ~
bzr branch lp:~bashkaraoke-dev/bashkaraoke/bashkaraoke-gtk
cd bashkaraoke-gtk
sudo python install

You can also watch a tutorial that shows how to install it in Ubuntu.

How to install Bash!Karaoke

If you see that something doesn't work, or you want to suggest a new feature, please email me at [email protected]. Thanks.

You can email us your advice, ideas, suggestions or questions about Bash!Karaoke tramite email all’indirizzo [email protected]!
Our team is glad to answer!!

TARBALL (Unstable)

This is the best method to get Bash!Karaoke with the new GTK interface included. This is the best way to install it for a normal use. Remember that you should have Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot or newer to make it work. We never tried it on other distros or on older versions of Ubuntu, but you are free to try it on your favourite distro!

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the archive by clicking the following button:
  2. Move it in your home folder;
  3. Extract it and install Bash!Karaoke by running the following commands one by one:
    tar -xzf ~/bashkaraoke-gtk_5.0.0.tar.gz
    cd ~/bashkaraoke-gtk/
    sudo python install
  4. Enjoy!!!

Previous versions

Version Changelog Date Download
4.2.3 BUC mode .rc tabs’bug fixed, *COMMON window mode selection bug fixed (in English version), option -i in *OUT modified to fix BSD system pipe handling issue (pipe remains freeze) -fixed- December 5, 2011 tar.gz
827 Kb
4.2.2 BUC mode little bug fixing November 29, 2011 tar.gz
827 Kb
4.2.1 auto binary not foundbug fixed, bk_SMALL.xpm correct, *-INSTALL-UPGRADE little changes, option -i in *OUT modified to fix BSD system pipe handling issue (pipe remains freeze) -still to fix- November 28, 2011 tar.gz
826 Kb
4.2.0 Gtkdialog Single Window mode added (EasyBashGUI v.4.0.1 required). November 17, 2011, 3.40 pm tar.gz
830 Kb
4.1.0 Gtkdialog mode added (EasyBashGUI v.3.0.0 required), midi info, script name changed (Bash!karaoke -> bashkaraoke) November 3, 2011, 1.20 pm tar.gz
811 Kb
4.0.2 libQT BUC/kdialog bug fixed, BUC mode player selection improved April 14, 2011, 2.44 am tar.gz
794 Kb
4.0.1 Custom menu field delimiter, ‘major releasebugs fixing April 7, 2011 5.44 am tar.gz
793 Kb
4.0.0 (Lastest Debian) All functions are now in *COMMON, BUC mode added, “It is” character bug fixed, little other changes April 4, 2011 3.25 am deb
841 Kb

828 Kb

3.4.1 easybashgui_path variable set March 24, 2011 3.54 am deb
478 Kb

519 Kb

You can find older versions of Bash!Karaoke here.

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